Mijbil the Otter Class 10 Short Summary | Class 10 English Chapter 8 Summary

Chapter Overview

This tale is about the author’s pet Otter, Mijbil. He claims that after his dog passed away, he wanted to get a new pet. He soon moved to Iraq, where he saw that otters were kept as pets by locals. He also made the decision to keep an otter as a pet. He discusses the difficulties he encountered when bringing Mijbil with him when he had to go to England. When they arrived in London, many were unaware of the offer. People used to speculate about the creature. The time spent with the otter was really enjoyable for the author. We can learn how to care for pets from this tale.

About Characters

Gavin Maxwell (The narrator)

He is a kind and courteous individual. He provides for his pet in every way.

Mijbil the Otter

He serves as Maxwell’s pet. He is quite approachable, intelligent and a joy to be around.

Summary of Mijbil the Otter

Making an otter your pet

In 1956, Maxwell visited Southern Iraq. Due to the abundance of water in his hometown Camusfearna, he made the decision to keep an otter as a pet. This made the animal ideal for the experiment.

Maxwell visits Basra with a friend.

Maxwell told his pal that he wanted to have an otter as a pet. He was advised by a friend to capture an otter from the Tigris Marshes because they were numerous there and frequently domesticated by Arabs. In order to receive and respond to their letter from Europe, Maxwell and his companion were travelling to Basra to the Consulate-General (the Office Of Consul General). They discovered that while Maxwell’s friend’s letter had come, Maxwell’s mail had not.

The mail for Maxwell arrives

For lack of mail, Maxwell sent a message to England. There was no response for three days. He attempted to call someone, but for some reason he was unable to connect. After five days, his letter finally came.
As he returned to his room to read it, he discovered two Arabs with an otter in a sack sitting on the ground outside his front door (bag). They gave him the bag and informed him that it belonged to him.

The otter shows up

An object that resembled a dragon emerged as the sack was opened. Sharp scales and dirt coated his entire body. It took nearly a month to clear the muck. Its moniker is Mijbil. Maxwell asserted that the Mijbil’s species was undiscovered by science. He was given the name “Lutrogale Perspicillata Maxuell,” or “Maxwell’s Otter,” by the zoologists.

Activities of Mijbil

Mijbil was neither hostile nor friendly during the first twenty-four hours. He slept out on the ground. On the other hand, Mijbil entered the bed the following night and curled himself between the narrator’s knees. He became curious about his surroundings. He would play in the water the most of the time. The author learned that enjoyed having fun in the water. Mijbil escaped Maxwell’s bedroom a few days later. He entered the restroom. Within minutes, he had entered the bathtub and used his paws to turn on the faucet.

Mijbil Befriends People

He developed a strong sense of friendship pretty quickly. When Maxwell yelled his name, he went after him. Mijbil would also simulate a soccer player by using a rubber ball. He would roll marbles on his flat tummy without dropping them because they were his favourite toy.

Returning Mijbil to his home

Maxwell made the decision to return to England after being in Basra for a few days. Transporting Mijbil to England and subsequently to Camusfearna terrified Maxwell. He was aware that carrying animals to London was not permitted by the British airline. So he made reservations for flights from London to Paris on a different carrier.
According to the airline.

The Box and Mijbil

An hour before he had to leave for the airport, Maxwell packed Mijbil into a box and went to get food. He noticed that blood had leaked out of the box when he came back. Mijbil was covered in blood as Maxwell opened the package. The aircraft was leaving in ten minutes, and the airport was five miles away. He quickly placed Mijbil in the box and then got in a cab to go to the airport.

The Flight of Mijbil

As Maxwell arrived at the airport, the flight attendants escorted him to his aircraft angrily. For him, Maxwell had reserved the first seat. Newspapers were spread out all around his seat. He gave the flight hostess the fish package for the otter. She suggested him keep the animal on his knees.

Mijbil Excursions from the Box

Mijbil immediately emerged from the container. In the plane, he vanished. A woman could be heard screaming, “A rat! A rat!” in the area. Maxwell made an attempt to capture the otter but failed. The air hostess motioned for him to take a seat and promised to locate the otter for him. The otter quickly approached Maxwell and got down on his knees.

Mijbil in London

During their month-long visit in London, Maxwell and Mijbil, Mijbil enjoyed playing with his toys, including ping-pong balls, marbles, rubber fruits, and a terrapin shell that Maxwell had purchased from the Marshes. Then, he would attempt to catch the ball before it dropped off the shattered side of the narrator’s luggage.

Mijbil Plays in Public

For workouts and strolls, Maxwell used to pretend to be Mijbil. During these strolls around the streets of London, Mijbil picked up several behaviours. He would play, run, and walk in the streets just like the schoolchildren. A elementary school was just across from the narrator’s apartment. Mijbil would leap onto the wall in front of the school and gallop (walk in a specific way) on it whenever Maxwell and Mijbil were walking to their house. Both the students and the employees at the school were diverted by this.

Nobody could identify Mijbil

Many people in London have never seen an otter. Otters are a part of the Mustelline family of creatures.
They made educated predictions about Mijbil when they saw it. They speculated that it may be a young walrus, hippo, beaver, bear cub, leopard, or newborn seal.

Conclusion of Mijbil the Otter

The narrative describes the relationship between the author and his pet otter as well as a number of events that occurred during their trip to London.

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